Spring 2017 Developer Survey

Originally published at http://iphoneramble.blogspot.com/2017/04/utah-ios-and-mac-developer-survey.html.

This is our fifth group survey. Our Slack group now has 432 members. Our group is primarily focused on iOS or Mac developers in the Utah area. 121 people responded to the survey.

What type of development do you do professionally? (allowed multiple selections)

Development Type

What type of iOS apps do you develop? (allowed multiple selections)

App Types

What is the primary language that you use for development?


My education includes: (allowed multiple selections)


How long have you been programming professionally?


How long have you been programming iOS/Mac professionally?

iOS Experience

How do the apps you have developed recently make money? (allowed multiple selections)

App Money

How do you primarily make money from apps/mobile ecosystem?

Developer Money

If you work full time for someone else, what is your annual salary?

Overall Salary

iOS Salary

Total Comp Overall

Salary Range

In other words, there were 13 people that said that they made between $100,000 and $110,000.

Total Comp Range

If you work full time for someone else, what other benefits do you get?


Do you do contract app development? Or does the company you work for hire you out for contract app development?


What is your (or your employer’s) hourly rate for contract app development?

Contract Rate

Average contract rate: $101/hour